Viking Hero Leif Erikson Cancelled in Norway

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The memory of Viking Explorer Leif Erikson does not deserve the treatment it has received in the past couple of weeks in Norway. However, the good news in all of this is that a lot of people have reacted, which ended up with the directors at our National Museum going back on their decision and apologizing, so at least that's something.

It's been a weird few days with Cancel business in Norway and the UK. I personally think that times are changing and some people are getting more frantic because of this, trying to hurry up and cancel out too many things before it'll be too late, such as the words of writers Roald Dahl and Ian Flemming and even a Norwegian super hero movie for children.

In any case, I had to react with this video when the Danish director at the Norwegian National Museum tried to cancel one of our most memorable paitings of Leiv Eriksson, the first European to set foot in the Americas, calling the painting and the Viking a symbol of colonialism. Imagine that coming from a Dane in Norway.. and her decision to remove everything about the nationality of the different artists at our NATIONAL Museum is also pretty weird.

I hope you'll like this one! And I hope you might appreciate the AI thumbnail to this video. I played around a bit on a Leif Erikson arrives in America theme:)

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